taste of the caribbean
The plantain is a member of the banana family having a similar appearance but is much larger and can only be eaten when cooked. Our plantains are harvested in Costa Rica, Ecuador and Guatemala when they are at the perfect stage for making our chips. The skin is removed, the plantain is sliced into vegetable oil and fried for approximately 1.5 minutes. The product is either sliced length-wise into strips, sticks or round and placed into eight different size bags which include salted, no salt, garlic, spicy Caribbean, or Mojo Mama seasonings. Plantain Chips are one of the most nutritional snacks since they are rich in potassium and contain vitamins A and C. The product quality is a result of our careful inspection of each Plantain and specific oil chemistry.

Cassava Chips Cassava Chips are made from the roots of the cassava plant, which is also harvested in Costa Rica or Ecuador. The root bark is removed and the solid white flesh is sliced and fried just like the Plantain Chips. The chips are white to light brown and have the appearance of potato chips, but with their own flavor, less fat and more fiber. There are 2 different bag sizes. Did you know cassava is what tapioca is made from? cassava root
Tortilla Chips We use the best quality corn, which is stone ground and baked before frying for superior flavor and texture. This product is available in a 16 oz. bag with either white or yellow corn. corn